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Perfume inspired by Angels' Share from By Kilian



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Inklusive skatter. Frakt beräknas i kassan.

Discover our exclusive unisex perfume DIVAIN-956, designed to capture the essence of autumn nights with timeless elegance. This fragrance belongs to the woody olfactory family, standing out for its sophistication and enveloping warmth.

At the top, the bold aroma of Cognac creates an enveloping and distinguished opening. At the heart of the fragrance, the combination of Cinnamon, Tonka Bean and Oak reveals a spicy and robust depth, which adds character and warmth to the perfume. Meanwhile, the base of vanilla, praline and sandalwood provides a soft and sensual base that lasts, leaving a comforting and memorable trail.

This unisex perfume is ideal for special nights, offering a moderate intensity that adapts perfectly to the fall season. Each application envelops the user in an atmosphere of sophistication and style, highlighting their individuality with a fragrance that combines classic elements with a modern and bold touch.

Discover the versatility and elegance of the DIVAIN-956 unisex perfume, designed for those who value quality and refinement in every detail. Elevate your olfactory experience and make every moment an unforgettable occasion with this fragrance that redefines the standards of contemporary sophistication.

We are updating the perfume bottle design, and you might still receive the previous model. But the scent and quality remain unchanged!