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Perfume inspired by Princess of Arabia from Lattafa



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Inklusive skatter. Frakt beräknas i kassan.

Perfume similar to Princess of Arabia by Lattafa

Imagine a sunset in an exotic oriental garden, where the air is charged with the promise of unknown adventures. This is the spirit of the oriental citrus perfume you have in mind. Upon first contact, its Top Notes greet you with an effervescent welcome: citrus fruits dance in a lively spectacle, intertwining with bergamot that adds a refined and slightly spicy touch, evoking the sensation of a fresh breeze on a hot day. This perfume is a journey: it starts with the freshness and joy of citrus and bergamot, transforms into a more intimate and soft experience with white musk and aloe, and culminates in a deep and enigmatic exploration with jasmine, musk, woody notes, and oud wood. It is a fragrance for those who appreciate the beauty of contrasts and the richness of olfactory journeys.

We are updating the perfume bottle design, and you might still receive the previous model. But the scent and quality remain unchanged!