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Perfume inspired by King from Bharara



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Inklusive skatter. Frakt beräknas i kassan.

Perfume inspired by King of Bharara

DIVAIN-447 is a masculine fragrance that evokes luxury and sophistication. The top notes combine orange, bergamot and lemon, offering a vibrant and fresh opening. The heart of the fragrance reveals fruity notes, adding a refreshing and juicy layer.

Finally, the base of DIVAIN-447 sits on a warm base of vanilla, white musk and amber. DIVAIN-447 is perfect for the modern man looking to project strength and mystery. Ideal for any occasion, this fragrance stands out for its elegance and depth, leaving a lasting and sophisticated impression.

Each application of DIVAIN-447 is a sensory journey that combines freshness, sweetness and warmth, providing a statement of luxury and charm.

We are updating the perfume bottle design, and you might still receive the previous model. But the scent and quality remain unchanged!