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We know that it is easy to fall in love with our fragrances, but we also know it's difficult to choose the right one without knowing its smell

At DIVAIN we offer you the possibility to try your perfume at home without having to open the original product. If for any reason you change your mind and decide not to keep it, you can return it without any problems.

How does it work?


When you receive your order, try the free sample first before opening the perfume


If it's the perfume that you wanted, open it and enjoy your new perfume!


If you're not convinced you can return your 100 ml perfume. Remember not to unseal it or manipulate it in order for us to accept your return.


We guarantee a refund as long as you meet the conditions of our TRY & BUY service

Our Try & Buy service is committed to the environment and the #PlaneFirst movement. By using the sample and reusing the same packaging for the return, you promote responsible consumption and minimize the impact of excess waste. Every little gesture counts.

Have some more questions?

Find the most frequently asked questions about our return policy here