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2 perfumes - 7€

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September 20-23



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2 perfumes 32,80€
4 perfumes 65,60€
5 perfumes 78,50€

2 perfumes - 7€

3 perfumes - 14€

5 perfumes - 21€

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2 perfumes


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2 perfumes 32,80€  

4 perfumes 65,60€ 

5 perfumes 78,50€   

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HELLO AUTUMN Offer valid from September 20 to 23 on our website. Offer valid throughout the catalog except for the collections "MUST HAVE", "ACCESSORIES" AND "PACK OF SAMPLES" which are excluded from the discount. For the purchase of 2 perfumes, a discount of 7€ is applied. For the purchase of 4 perfumes, 14€ direct discount is applied, for the purchase of 5 perfumes, 21€ direct discount is applied. In the event of a return, if the conditions of the offer are not respected, the discount applied to this discount will be lost to the rest of the order. Consult return policy for more information on our website www.divainparfums.com. Not combinable with other current promotions and / or discounts. Divain reserves the right to cancel one or more products of an order due to out of stock or end of stock. The option to choose another chord or to cancel the entire order will always be given.