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Absolutely to captivating aromas. Decline to excessive costs.

Driven by an appreciation for exquisite fragrances without the exorbitant price, DIVAIN was born. As dedicated aficionados of scent, we couldn't overlook the steep prices attached to branding and opulent packaging in the industry. The disparity was clear: the cost of creating exceptional perfumes didn't justify their inflated market prices.The moment has arrived to carve out an inclusive space in the realm of premium scents. Welcome to a transformative perfume-buying experience designed just for you. With Dossier, the essence of pure, ethically-curated, long-lasting luxury fragrances becomes accessible.For those who have felt marginalized by the industry's pricing, hesitant to see perfumes as indulgent luxuries, or are ready to discover a novel way to explore scents, we're excited to share this sensory journey with you.
Your scent is a mirror of your identity. At Dossier, our aspiration is not just to craft fragrances that evoke emotions but ones that are also kind to you and the Earth.In our creations, we rigorously adhere to U.S. and E.U. cosmetic safety guidelines. Our ethically crafted, sustainable fragrances utilize only top-tier ingredients. By ensuring our perfumes are vegan, environmentally conscious, and free from harmful chemicals, we present a cruelty-free and non-toxic line that allows you to revel with a clear conscience.

Exquisite scents shouldn't be reserved solely for the elite few but should be a standard available to everyone. We champion equity and are committed to providing top-tier fragrances at prices that resonate with all.